Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Yet more parts

The cap connectors arrived today. They are a type that allows a component or two to be mounted right at the cap, which is good as theres a parallel capacitor and resistor to go there. Spent some time adding solder tags in apropriate locations, and working out how to do the wiring. Have had to fabricate some stand off insulators as well to provide terminals for some components. Yet i still cant get any further! I need to drill three holes to mount the stand-offs, plus two for grommets to let wires pass under the chassis. I also found i have none of the capacitors needed. So, an order to Bowood. Seems i may have tired Will out a little picking the order - ten each of every value from 1.2pF to 470nF! Oh, and a box sized to make the break in section for the doublets ladder line!

I really hope this radio works after all this effort!

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