Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Early Adopter

Being an early adopter of any technology is not something i would normally do. I like things to have been well tried and tested, and brought down in price, before i use them. I dont have a Blueray player! I dont have a HD TV. I certainly dont, and never will, have a D-STAR radio!

But, there is one technology that i'm happy to try out - LED. I have four 4w LED downlighters and a suitable transformer, ready to try out in the kitchen. The prospective savings over the halogen 50w units, over the lifetime of the lamps, is staggering.

But of course, the builder was never going to make anything in this house easy! And this is certainly the case with the kitchen lights. There is NO access panel into the ceiling void, and no access from above. So everthing has to be arranged and wired via just the five 5cm holes in the ceiling! The LEDs need to go in parallel, fed in a loop from the transformer. The halogens that are in each have their own transformer, and a mains spur!

I expect each of the five lamps to look like this. Hopefully they will all have a mains junction box, which will allow me to safely disconnect the feeds. Routing the new DC ELV cable through the void might prove to be fun!

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