Friday, 23 March 2007


I'm Martin G7MRV, this blog is more a sort of diary for me really, just an occasional ramble about what im up to radiowise,

anyway, a bit of background is in order to start with - aged 31, interested in radio since age 13, licensed radio ham since age 15. Recently reactivated my callsign after a few years break. Slowly getting back into it all.

Equipment - Yaesu FT-290Rmk1 2m multimode; Microwave Modules 144/30-LS linear amplifier; Yaesu FRG-100 HF comms receiver; RX-2cc weather satellite receiver; various homebrew/commercial items (handhelds/ testgear etc)

ok, the story so far...

Not got around to much operating on 2m yet despite having had the 290 for some weeks. I have yet to install the muTek front end board, as i cant seem to get any installation details. The linears preamp seems to be working, at least the noise gets louder! cant really run it at full whack yet as its only on the 12v 7Ahr solar power system intended for the weather sat and the meteorological instruments. Hopefully will get the mutek in soon, and a high current PSU that will run the linear and whatever HF rig i end up with. I would prefer a solar/wind solution to the high current requirements, but im not sure i can afford it.

Im watching out for a HF + 6m rig, probably an Alinco DX-70TH if i can, as i think they receive better on low bands than the other rigs on the market.

Heres the general wish list to get my station back up and fully operational =

2m Multimode - got, FT-290Rmk1
2m Linear Amp - got, MML 144/30-LS
general rx/airband - got, MVT-7100
Primary HF receiver - got, FRG-100
Secondary HF receiver Target HF-3/4 or DX-394 maybe
HF + 6m Transceiver DX-70TH or IC-706mkIIG
25-30A 12v supply
Auto ATU
2m Beam
6m Beam
small 2m FM mobile Icom IC-229 prefered