Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Goods In/Out

A few more parts for the valve set arrived today, courtesy of Bitsbox. This is a company i find very efficient, although without the added personal touch of Bowood. However, their P&P is a shade less than Bowoods and they stock a few items different. So we now have the remaining terminal posts, the M3 hardware to do the ground and standoff terminals, and the regeneration control pot. I also decided to treat myself to a cheap analogue multimeter to aid setting up. I had a confirmation email from Electrojumble to say the top cap clips are on their way, and a chap from the vintage forum is helping with the 6BA screws for the matchbox sets. I think i'll build one of these for LW.

On their way out, go the twenty spare NKT213 vintage germaniun transistors, out to vintage forum members. Also, some of my surplus radio kit and batteries have sold on ebay, so thats a nice few bob towards mobile HF antennas.

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