Monday, 20 February 2012

Lotta Bottle

Many thanks to Phil G4SPZ, for the 6K7G, which arrived safe this morning. We now have the right bottle for the valve regen set. Hopefully the rest of the remaining hardware and connectors will arrive tomorrow, and the top cap connectors were ordered today. Surprisingly, the 6K7 is somewhat smaller than the 6V6, something i hadnt expected!

I did find a reasonably large vintage knob for it, but a bigger one would be better. A mock up with the 6V6 shows a bit better how it might look when operating

The matchbox radios are proving a bit harder to get the hardware for. I can find 6BA nuts and bolts, but in big packs at extortionate prices. But this is the last item to find, so we can modify the postage stamp trimmers. The jack sockets were easy to mod, simply a case of pulling out the tab until the inner terminal springs out, then resetting it closer, so the inner terminal now makes contact rather than breaking it when the plug is inserted.

I also put together a pack of 20x AAA duracell procells, to make a 30v pack, which actually reads 27.7v, which i think will do for the HT. I also completed the wiring on my active audio filter project, something i started building as one of my first projects, perhaps some 20 years ago! The LED isnt working, the lowpass filter has little effect, and the highpass filter no effect! The CW filter works, and the ANL possibly, although i didnt have a signal with the right noise to check it on! Both the HPF and LPF use a 9v supply, and its possible the regulator isnt working, so either their ok but fed wrong, or theyre buggered and will need new ICs!

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