Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wakefield Rally

Went to Wakefield radio rally today. Got there just after opening time. Very few dealers this year, but was pleased to see two very good vintage parts stalls, plus a stall by wakefield ARS. Sadly, this was a silent key sale, but it seems the chap was a hoarder. First i grabbed a VHF/UHF Manual for i think it was £3. I then started rummaging. Eventually coming away with four big tubs or old parts, in one of which was a bag of NE602s, which are worth what i paid for the rest! I seem now to have aquired literally hundreds of vintage transistors!

Got a few parts i actually went for, inluding a nice 600pF variable for £3, some 250pF postage stamp trimmers and open frame jack sockets for the ZN414 matchbox radios, and a big stock of brand new ferrite rods.

Some of the ICs amongst the junk i got are of no use to me but still in packaging - there now on ebay. If only a few sell, i will have recouped the days spending!

I missed out on a spares or repair HF magmount with various loading coils, simply because i didnt think it would be cheap. The next chap to me asked the price, and when told 'a fiver' his eyes nearly fell out, his jaw fell off, and he couldnt get his wallet out quick enough! Its a shame, as that would have gone nice with my new toy...

Also, Sam asked me to bring him 'something interesting', well, for 20p I found a wooden bayonet mains plug!

Oh, and mentioning my new toy, thats something else i was looking for, an auto ATU to go with my new to me Yaesu FT-857!

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