Wednesday, 25 April 2007

coming up

ok then, since the first post on here, some wheeling and dealing have aquired me -

25A variable PSU (to run everything)
MFJ -948 Antenna Matching Unit
Alinco DX-70TH HF + 50MHz transceiver

the first thing done to the alinco was to lock out the Tx! this is a safety measure until i have got the antenna working properly, and to stop my lad from keying it up.

A new RF ground gets installed tomorrow, hopefully then the wire antenna will load up satifactorily.

So far the DX-70 seems just as sensitive on Rx as my FRG-100. The only gripes are - A, there is no REC output, so in order to feed audio to the PC i have to lose the speaker output. B, the filters are not as sharp. But these are minor compared with the generally increased capabilities, not to mention the reduction in size.