Friday, 17 February 2012

Metal bashing

Having had little time as yet to play with my new toy, due to not yet having the appropriate cables for the vehicle install, work has commenced instead on one or two smaller projects.

Today has been spent metal bashing. Ive lots of sheets of salvaged aluminium, so selecting a nice anodised piece, proceded to carve it up using the grinderette (fastest way of doing it), to give a six inch square sheet with a 3/4inch lip, and a 6 x 5inch sheet. These have become the chassis and front panel, respectively, for Sams 0-V-0 receiver -

Only those large parts are as yet installed. The valve shown is a 6V6G, this is not the valve the set will use, it uses a 6K7G, but i have not yet received this. Its on its way to me from one of the kind chaps on the vintage forum. I have since found i have a 6K7GT, but they are not quite so picturesque! Its also not in the greatest of condition, the metal screen around its lower half has split and is hanging off, not sure if thats repairable. The ferrite rod antenna has a tapped coil for MW, the tap being to allow an external antenna. The smaller coil shown is the 'tickler' to allow regeneration. This is the third time ive wound that coil, the first was in antiphase, the second wound so tight it wouldnt move on the rod!

A few more holes are needed in the chassis, to allow fitting of earth tabs, power terminals, and the sides of the bottom of the cabinet. A pair of insulated uprights are also needed to hold the ferrite rod.

Ive also wound a deminuitive 60t ferrite antenna 37mm long, this will be the antenna of a ZN414 based 'matchbox' receiver.

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