Friday, 24 February 2012

Kindle Katastrophe

Been on nights. To pass the time i borrowed Julies Kindle. Im quite getting into this device, its a lot better than i thought it would be. That said, i have loaded the entire back catalogue of sprat onto it!
I tried to connect and download a book at work, well the damn thing crashed! I was forced to reboot it, deeply! And when it finally came back to life, about half an hour later, it had no library! Oh heck! Went online to try and resync it to the stored library on Amazon, but oddly, it eventually recovered and showed all the original books, including the sprats! I decided then to download the books via USB!

Capacitor stock arrived yesterday, but i only picked them up today. Also with the order is a plastic box to build a ladder line break-out box with. This will allow me to add in extra lengths of line to the aerial feeder, to help the tuner match better. Eight 4mm terminals will provide the connectivity. I now think I have everything needed to complete the valve 0-V-0 regenerative receiver.

The audio filter project might be close to finish now. I started this thing sometime when i was about 16, only about 20 years ago! Its from designs in a Bernard Babani book. It really has taken me this long to finish, and all it needed doing was the signal wiring! Anyway, a quick inspection revealed a fairly obvious basic mistake - the regulator is in backwards! Its also the wrong regulator, being a 7810, when it should be a 7809. I'll get that sorted in the next few days, hopefully i havent destroyed the LM353 ICs that the HPF and LPF use.

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