Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Slowly, slowly

Well, bit by bit were getting there with the radios. The valve set now has the hardware finished, and the antenna rod mounted on two PVC standoffs. Apart from a bit of further filing to make the base stable again, and a few tiewraps to hold the rod in place, whats left to do now is the electronics. And as there really is only a handfull of parts in this set, that shouldnt take long at all. With any luck it will even work!

Thanks to one of the fellas on the vintage forum, we now have the postage stamp trimmers modified for the matchbox radios. I still need to find a couple of nuts to mount the trimmers with though.

Yesterday, i picked up three HF mobile antennas. Today, a boot lid mount and 3/8ths insert arrived. Well, ive ordered the wrong insert, and this one doesnt fit the mount. Im not sending it back, instead i'll modify it to fit. The mount is going on the bottom of the tailgate, to the left of the numberplate and just above the bumper. A short coax lead will then go in to the rig in the boot. Its not the most ideal location, but i cant yet find a suitable through roof mount for a 3/8th antenna that will fit between the car roof and the roof lining. I also have to decide whether to fit one or both M8 mounts. Not that i can use either yet, as i havent run the power cable from the battery to the boot yet. The seperation kit is on order but coming from Hong Kong so might take a while.

Quite looking forward to a bit of HF mobile though.

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