Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Projects and Collections

Its now autumn, so soon it will be time to think about winter projects. I have rather too many things that I really need to finish!

Principle amongst them, is the Theremin! As this isnt mine, but a commission project undertaken quite some time ago, I really must complete it! Likewise, my 4m Transverter, which has been sat awaiting a Tx section for years now! And very importantly, I need to complete the refurbishment of my Pye PF8!

But my Clansman collection should be complete before then. There are a bare dozen items I still require, and a good number of those will be with me soon. The CRS L/R box and its cable, the PRC-350 carry straps, the trailing wire antenna, and a Drivers Box from which to salvage the audio sockets I need to make up test adapters, are all already on their way courtesy of Graham at PTS Norfolk.

Soon, also, the audio extension cable, Handset pouch, and a roll of D-10 cable, will be coming from Dom at LRSeries in York. Thats assuming ive done the invoicing right!

So that just leaves a handful of items such as the bench morse key, Hand crank charger, PRC-350 battery extension, and the S10 respirator microphone, oh and a Jamcat! All minor items and of no immediate requirement for actual on-air operation.

Im also having to force myself to step away from the auction and NOT bid on a WS31 set! I need to keep telling myself that its neither Clansman nor WW2 vintage, and it doesnt work on any amateur bands! Instead, I must get on and complete other projects!

Oh, and I wonder, since I have the picture, if anyone has ever been curious as to the insides of a 4W SURF? Well, here it is -

The answer is, pretty much nothing, but what there is is very well made. Theres an air spaced variable capacitor under the PCB, driven by a worm screw from the knob on the front. some inductors, hidden away, and the reflectometer circuitry to drive the meter. And thats it.

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