Sunday, 25 September 2016

Clansman Wish List - Updated 15/10/16, and again 16/10/16! and 21/10!

My remaining kit wishlist, and how much I think I should expect to pay for each, is listed below

Bench/vehicle Morse Key   £5 - 15

The above are what I consider the essentials to complete my collection. Those below are desirable

PRC-350 battery extension
JAMCAT unit to CES  £50-100

One of the problems with Clansman kit is that there are several dealers who are quite frankly on the take, and they push up the price, because as with any collectable, there are also a considerable number of collectors with money to burn! It makes things awkward for those of us who are skint.

However, the wider Clansman user community is much more realistic and helpful, and there are several dealers who are much more amenable to a bit of haggling.

Red updates - These are items that have been purchased and are awaiting delivery, plus the price (minus postage) paid, roughly.

Updated 15/10/16 - CRS L/R box, Drivers Box, 350 carry straps, trailing wire antenna, D-10 cable, 10m audio extension, handset pouch all obtained from LRSeries-surplus and/or PTS Norfolk

Updated 16/10/16 - Respirator mic obtained in trade with Mick

Updated 21/10/16 - Handcharger now obtained.

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