Saturday, 15 October 2016

Box full of boxes

Awaiting me when I checked the racks in the postroom today was my parcel from Graham at PTS Norfolk. I'd been looking forward to getting this, but was very pleasantly surprised when I opened it!

It contained as ordered the CRS L/R box, the Drivers Box, a trailing wire VHF antenna, and the straps for the PRC-350. There was also a small packet of handset clothing hook screws, which I was not expecting. I had emailed Graham to see if he had these, and was intending on adding a couple to my next order. But the surprise was the handful of PRC-349 case screws that Graham had said he would throw in for me - they were still in PRC-349 cases!

Not only that, but they have varying other parts still in them! From these I will be able to get the two radios ive repaired into usable state. My thanks to Graham, great service as usual.

Now that I finally have the Drivers Box in my possession, I can take a look at what im up against. The photo below shows the electronics inside

Inside 'Interconnecting Box Drivers Box'
One aspect that I hadnt appreciated, and might throw a spanner in the works regarding my planned modifications, is the three position switch - the third position is spring loaded and momentary! I will have to see if it is possible to make this a normal position (it is an open frame wafer switch), if not, i'll have to think how best to use the feature!

But that bit of engineering might have to wait a short while, whilst I finish off some more pressing projects and repairs, including several household tasks. Most of yesterday was spent demolishing and then rebuilding the steps to the workshop, and now my electronics benches are temporarily inaccessible whilst I play the part of upholsterer and repair broken dining room chairs!

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