Saturday, 8 October 2016

Chinese 24v SMPSU - Punt Taken

Well, ive finally taken a punt on a far east 24v 3A switch mode PSU module, with the intention of installing it into a de-celled Clansman battery pack to build a mains power supply,

Something like the one above (random stock photo). This plan rests on two aspects A) the bloody thing actually works (and by that I mean it has usable regulation, and controllable noise, not just that it actually produces 24v!), and B) it fits into an empty battery case! This last point is more about the 1Ah battery ive de-celled, where the specified dimensions are rather tight.

What I am hoping, is that the SMPSU will fit in the case, with sufficient room for a proper filtered IEC socket for the mains input (the ubiquitous kettle lead), and space by the LT terminals for more filtering if required and output fusing and indication LEDs, and perhaps a On/Off switch.
It might be worth the extra work, if the SMPSU is reliable enough, to add an external LT connection to allow other 24v items to be powered.

But, all is speculation at the moment - its got to get here from Hong Kong first!

On a more contemporary note, my items ordered from Dom at LRSeries were waiting for me at reception this evening. Unfortunately theres a small problem with the audio extension, but were in the process of working that out. The handset pouch is spot on, and once I decide which rig to marry it to it will be attached to a strap and have a handset inside it! Also part of this consignment is the canvas dispenser pack of DON-10 twisted pair telephone cable. My gawd I had forgotton just how heavy a drum of DON-10 is!

The label on this says 2/3, so theres somewhere over 400m of wire in it. Should do for a few remote test sessions! Trouble is, its got me pondering looking for a pair of PTC404s!

Ive also taken the plunge and put the Yaesu FT-290 up for sale on ebay. I have to face the fact that im probably never actually going to get around to fixing it! Who knows, it might raise enough to get a small FM only set to add to the shack for monitoring S20 traffic.

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