Thursday, 6 October 2016

What To Do? - Yaesu FT-290mk1

Some of you might know that as well as these blogs, I also am the group owner and moderator of the Yahoo group 'Electric Handbag', dedicated to, primarily, the Yaesu FT-290R mk1 2m multimode transceiver, but also the mk2, and the 6m and 70cm equivalents.

But I have a dilemma, one of my mk1s needs some minor repair work, but I have neither the time nor knowledge of its particular issue, to put it right. But this radio has a Mutek front end fitted!

Do I hold onto it? Or do I cut my losses and move it on? It is actually usable, despite the fault, which is some form of imbalance on the SSB side, resulting in carrier leakage. It also suffers from the 'End Stop' fault, but so do almost all of these radios! Oh, and the LCD backlight needs replacing, and it wont work on battery as the cell holders also need replacing!

If I sell it, I could put the money towards obtaining a mobile mount cradle for my other mk1!

I have it powered up at the  moment, just to recondition it after the time its spent on the bench. Perhaps it would raise enough gelt to let me get a 2nd hand FM only set as well, just for monitoring local traffic.

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