Monday, 31 October 2016

Box Disappointment

Slightly put out today I'm afraid. Ive finally come today to testing the CRS L/R box I got as part of my order around a month ago from PTS. Unfortunately, theres a problem. The headset audio 'motorboats' and the control functions dont operate. Ive tested it with alternative cables to ensure it wasnt a wiring issue; on two different radios (different types, a 320 and a 350); and with different audio kit.

This is a real disappointment, but not a disaster. Ive emailed Graham at PTS about it, mainly to see if he can direct me to the necessary EMER in order to fault find and hopefully repair the unit. Ive also opened it up to check for any obvious issues, which gave me a bit of a shock as I wasnt expecting it to be anything like as complex as it is!

It is indeed beautifully made, but daunting! I really dont fancy taking it on without a schematic!

On the positive side though today, ive sold on quite a few of my excess PRC-349 batteries, and also the remaining excess PRC-349s! This has effectively covered my original costs, and raised me sufficient funds to progress a few other radio projects.

My list of projects that need completing though is still looooong! Ive made a start of restoring the Clansman hand generator, but thats just a bit of a lick of paint. My next two priority tasks are to test the Ultimate 3S beacon, and to complete the refurb of the PF8, now that I have the capacitors.

The various small modules are beginning to trickle in from the Far East now. The Arduino Mega has arrived, so Im in a position now to be able to start working out the control system for the PRC-320 Remote project. Im short of just the display module for the camera dew heater, with any luck that will come in the next week or so, so that should be finished and ready for the winters night photography.

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