Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Chance of Aurora and no visibility

Past few nights have had lovely clear, starry skies, tonight theres a class G3 geomagnetic storm

and its bloody overcast again!

There seems to be a correlation between likelyhood of visible Aurora, and how bloody cloudy it is in the UK!

Ive done a slight bit of work on the Ultimate 3S today, such as making up the power cable and the cable to link the GPS module. Ive also ordered a BNC panel socket with coax pigtail in order to make the RF connection. The pads to connect are too small to safely solder coax to, even the very thin stuff I have, so ive added another pair of header pins. I can either solder direct to them, or put a plug on the coax. It will probably be a couple of weeks before the cable arrives, but in the meantime I can test using the only other coax pigtail I have that will fit, which is currently attached to the prototype Wispy project that I couldnt get to work for me. The reason im not just using this on the U3S is that the coax connector on it is a TNC!

I also need to find a suitable case for it! The U3S itself needs a metal box, ideally one that I can modify to accommodate the battery housing from a PRC-349, but then a plastic box will need to be attached onto the metal one to house the GPS unit. The plan being to make the whole thing completely portable - just attach antenna and switch on!

Ive just returned to 40m WSPR - as expected, the geomagnetic storm has pretty much wiped out HF propagation, but, there are a few spots to be had!

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