Sunday, 25 September 2016

Clansman Build Quality

Most people only ever see military kit from the outside - knocked about, battered, scratched, and generally rough and worn out looking. Ive had the pleasure of seeing many items of high tech, precision military equipment from the 'inside' as it were. Most British kit is superbly engineered internally, yes there have been a few cock ups (the L85A1's shocking tendency to lose the cocking lever and to leak gasses for instance) and of course it is the prerogative of the squaddie to moan about the issued kit.

Clansman is no exception to this. On the outside, much of it is bruised and battered. In fact, on the whole a good looking radio, if it was issued, is likely to be the stinker that no one ever booked out the signals store because it was unreliable!

Ive seen, and of course anyone reading this blog has also from my photos, inside most of the manpack Clansman radios. But ive had little to do with vehicle equipment. So, heres a chance to see the quality of the inside of a piece of AFV radio harness equipment - the innards of the "Amplifier, Loudspeaker" box

And heres a photo of the set of six PRC-349s, ready to rock and roll

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