Saturday, 17 September 2016

Radio Bergen - Frame Back Panel Complete

After the final resize, and some more careful measurements, the back panel is now complete. The last job (other than some future filing and sanding) was to form the slot for the main strap of the Bergen to pass through.

This strap is intended to come through between the radio body and the battery when used for clansman, so required a slot cutting in the middle of the panel. But, it should be noted that this strap is not actually central! Its a couple of cm off the center line.

Cutting the slot meant another round of pilot hole drilling, hole widening, nibbling, and ultimately a lot of hard work with a file!

And this is how it looks strapped in! The next stage is to decide on the height, and to form up and attach the top/sides as needed. I dont yet know what form these will take, but im thinking maybe a top panel to carry antenna connections, a bottom panel to act as a battery tray, and a couple of sections where the plate widens.

As for the front of the frame, im not sure. I dont really want a solid plate, due to the need for ventilation. Im thinking perhaps a framework of square section rods.

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