Friday, 9 September 2016

GB0SA CHOTA Selby Abbey tomorrow!

Less than a day to go! We have access into the abbey from around 08:30, so all being well should be on air from not much after 09:30. Officially we start at 10:00. (bear in mind these are local, BST times!, knock 1h off for UTC!)

All the equipment, save for the basic toolkit, is crated up and ready. Each box for a different part of the kit, so fir instance the actual radio equipment and its PSU, ATU, etc, and the station paperwork, is in the green crate

Mains power, RF test load, and safety equipment, in the blue crate. The purple box is coax patchleads, extra feeder, and rigging equipment. The valise contains the guy kit for the main mast.

Yes, the 14lb sledge hammer is a bit overkill! It should be a 4lb lump hammer but mine doesnt have a shaft on it at the moment! The main RF feeder is on the cable drum.

The masts at the moment are just propped up. The two 5.4m kits will fit in the car, but the main Larkspur 27ft mast has to go on the roof.

Not shown in these photos is the signals satchel containing the actual antenna! Yes, I very nearly forgot the aerial itself!

Now all thats ready to go, I have a little while to look into another project. The radio bergen below. I need to establish the internal dimensions of this, in order to design a carry frame to go inside that will hold a modern HF transceiver,  ATU, antenna mount and battery system.

This is actually my 2nd spare, and is quite old. I'll be selling this one on eventually as surplus to my needs.

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