Monday, 19 September 2016

Station back together again!

Ive finally found time to put all the kit used on GB0SA back in place in the shack. Phew what a task! Setting up a special event is much easier than setting up a fixed station! For a start, on a SES you'll typically be using a desk facing the public - so all the cables are exposed and easy to access, not so in the shack!

Well, I now have it all back together, and despite a few hiccups, such as having three booming audio feeds of the same WAB net for a while, having no spectrum monitoring until I figured the settings out again, and having no PC audio output to the radios, nor serial PTT control, ive managed to fix that and am having a bit of a play on 40m WSPR.

After a lot of fiddling to get set up, my first 33dBm transmission (2W) has shown up on the WSPRnet map as being heard by - DC5AL-R, DC7JZB, DF2JP, DF5FH, DG2HSI, DK6UG, DL0HT, DL1KAI, DL4EAI, DL6OW-R, F/PE3ES, F/PE3ES, G4FBA, GM4SFW, LA1NRA, LB0K, OE2WNL, ON7KB, PA0MBO, PA4MSA, PA7T, PI4THT, SWL77KRS

So it seems to be working! I'll probably give it a few bursts on 40m and then move up to 10m

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