Friday, 26 February 2016

Another dissapointing ebay purchase

Well, seems im not having much luck this past few weeks!

This time its a Clansman coaxial downlead. Now, normally I would of course make my own up, but since this was available and i'd a few bob from sales, I decided to go for it, since as well as being authentic, it has the proper strain relief tie at the antenna end, something thats not easy to do on a homemade cable.

I made a 'best offer' which was accepted, and the cable came today, so far all very good. But, I dont accept goods until tested, so it was straight onto the analyser and dummy load, expecting to see a 50ohm, zero reactance, 1:1 match across the board.

Nope. VSWR 8:1 or higher, everywhere. Not good!

A check of continuity showed the center conductor open circuit, and the retaining nut on the straight BNC suspiciously loose.

It turns out its dry joint and hence has separated from the pin. Center to braid measured at this point, with the test load still on the other end, should have read 50 ohm 1:1 VSWR...

...but it STILL read open circuit!

Inspection of the right angle BNC revealed why - The cable has been pulled back, not only pulling the contact out from the center pin, making the center conductor open circuit, but pulling the dielectric clear of the fixed insulators. It was basically a toss up if this end read open or short!

So, on the whole im not very happy. I dont have time to mess about with such an item, so have plumped straight away to open a defective item case. Its also not worth sending back, as the cost in my time and fuel, plus postage, would equal the cost of the cable. And besides, its repairable. So i'd prefer a refund. Now, I dont want to be a total git, and im sure there was nothing untoward on the sellers part, but it was sold as in 'good used' condition, which in a cable I take to mean a bit scuffed and tarnished but electrically sound, it is a cable after all! Perhaps the seller couldnt test it, I guess not many sellers, even those regularly dealing in Clansman kit, have access to the sort of RF test gear I do! And im happy to repair it, so i'd be happy with a partial refund as a token recognition of the problem. I really dont like having to leave poor feedback for a small seller (the Far East merchants though are another matter!)

Just have to wait and see how this goes.

Some of the parts ordered from the Far East also came today - they will be getting tested later!

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