Sunday, 14 February 2016

Clansman PRC-351 modifications

This morning I decided the -351 VHF manpack needed its first on-air testing under controlled conditions. So, with me operating the FM1100, I kitted Sam out with the radio. But, I also insisted he looked the part, so stuck my 95 pattern smock and my beret on him! Its always worth, as a parent, acquiring a good set of  embarrassing 'ransom' photos!

So with Sam on the -351, and me on the FM1100, we compared performance in both W (whisper) and L (Loud) modes.

In L mode the Tx from the Clansman is too low, and the Rx audio too high. In W the Tx mod is perfect, but the audio in the headphones is too low. It seems to be a good amateur set, a bit of modification will be required, to 'cross over' these settings such that at least one of them has good audio out and good Tx mod. This should really be quite easy, perhaps just a case of adjusting the deviation and the audio levels.

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