Monday, 15 February 2016

Mk2 Theremin Build

Originally, about a year ago, I was commissioned to build a Theremin for a colleague. He paid me sufficient funds to obtain the necessary electronic components, and away I went to build a version of the Moog Etherwave.

Which wouldnt work. I can see now the likely reason, which is that the originally specified and now very hard to obtain inductors will have different self resonances than the more modern devices I used.

Anyway, rather than persevere with this design, I noticed a much easier to align version in one of the copies of Everyday & Practical Electronics that Steve G7TAO has given me. So, having found a supplier for the necessary IF transformers, and obtained a PCB from the publisher, im now well on the way with this build

A few other parts I dont have in stock, so have to order in, including very annoyingly a 7809 9v regulator, which I was sure I would have had! Most parts I have either as new stock or salvage. Some I can even salvage from the abortive Etherwave build. It is now effectively costing me money to complete the project, but in a way I dont mind, as id very much like to see not only a completed working machine, but also Daz's attempts to play it! And of course, I did promise to build him a working Theremin!

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