Saturday, 20 February 2016

Somewhat Dissapointed

Last friday, I took a punt on a 'spares or repair' Clansman PRC-320, which is to act as test bed and learning resource for developing the VFO controller. This was ordered for a not inconsiderable sum from a supplier I have used in the past and had no problems with.

Sadly, despite being supposedly on a 24h courier service, which meant it should have been with me tuesday at the latest, it is now over seven days and no sign of it at all. I had it shipped to my work address as well, which is manned 24/7 so no excuse at all for parcel companies to claim no one was in!

Not only has this set me back on the development timeline, but im also not entirely happy with the communications ive had from the supplier so far, having requested courier tracking numbers and not yet received them.

I appreciate that things do go awry in shipping, and so will not 'name and shame' at this juncture. However there is only so far I am prepared to go before lodging into the formal resolution processes. IF I havent received the radio by the end of today, then I will have to start that process.

Had this been a two quid device from the Far East with free shipping, i'd probably let it slide. But this is an expensive item, with expensive shipping, and only had to travel from York to Huddersfield!

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