Friday, 4 March 2016

Making Good

After a small bit of discussion with my seller, an amicable arrangement was reached with regard to the Clansman coaxial cable found to be faulty on receipt. Without going into detail, lets say that an agreement was reached whereby neither of us are significantly out of pocket.
As such, it meant that I could no crack on with effecting repair of the cable. Now, I have to say it wasnt quite as straightforward as expected, as the connectors internal layout, insulator spacing etc, was a little unfamiliar. But, a repair had been made

Now, with the analyser on one end, and the test load on the other, the VSWR is 1.1:1 or better across the MF, HF and VHF spectrum from 2 - 175MHz. As it should be!

Ive also, since the iron was on, got a bit further with the balanced charging cable for the Clansman LiPo battery. I need now to make note of the colour code used, and sleeve the cable, before soldering on the D type connector for the battery.

I also received another Racal Clansman handset this week, in generally much better condition than the one I have, but with a small problem - the PTT sticking! After a fair bit of examination, I concluded that the pressel bar is probably slightly bent, not an easy thing to determine exactly. So, I swapped it with the one from my other handset! So now I have a good working handset with a webbing hook on it, and the older handset that now 'may' have a sticky PTT, something to fix later if need be.

Im still waiting on a few of the parts to complete the Theremin, so apart from adding some more Velcro to the tape measure antennas to make them stow away a bit easier, ive not done a great deal more radio or electronics wise.

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