Monday, 1 February 2016

Clansman Lithium Polymer battery conversion finished

With the Zippy 4000mAh 7s 28v Lithium Polymer battery, the charging port, the low voltage alarm module and the temperature sensor all already installed into the alloy case, all that was left for me to do today was pack the remaining space with foam, and attache the lid.

Rather than glue nuts to the inside of the lid, at the risk of them coming loose and at worst case shorting the battery, I used impact adhesive to secure a pair of softwood runners inside the alloy lid. Into these, through the fixing holes, ive put in eight small woodscrews. I would have preferred small domeheads to the countersink heads these have, but they will do.

All that remains now is to add the several bright red or yellow safety warnings! Its absolutely essential that this is not confused for a NiCd pack - if charged improperly, this is essentially a neatly packaged incendiary bomb! Charged properly and handled correctly, its a damn sight lighter to carry than the NiCd beside it in the picture!

The NiCd pack weighs 3.4kg. The LiPo pack weighs 1.12kg.

Put that into perspective when walking the hills with the PRC-320 - the weight difference is 2 1/3 liters more water!

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