Thursday, 15 December 2016

PG Tips

Oooh look! A video!

Alright so its not very well produced - hey I work in transmission not production! But anyway, this is a little video clip showing a tip I picked up, if I remember correctly, from Hans Summers. SIL header pins can be a bugger to solder in and keep them straight, so that they mate to the sockets properly.

Its a simple enough trick - just stick a spare bit of Veroboard or other perfboard into whatever you use to hold PCBs, pop the SIL headers in, and put the device on top. The board will keep the alignment perfect whilst you solder.

It is worth, however, finding out the separation between SILs before recording a video of it!

Anyway, I now have the headers soldered onto an Arduino Nano, ready to program with the Dew Heater sketch, and try and get the display running. It makes sense to do this on a breadboard for now, as im sure there will be a bit of tinkering needed with the wiring before the day is out.

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