Friday, 23 December 2016

Clansman 24V 1Ah Battery Rebuild

Some time ago I acquired a 1Ah metal cased Clansman battery, which after removing the old cells I had planned to build a 24V SMPSU into. Unfortunately, the Chinese PSU obtained doesnt quite fit - its a few mm too big!

So, I decided to build the mains power supply into the 4Ah metal cased battery, that had my LiPo battery in, and transfer the LiPo to the 1Ah case. This means the PSU will have plenty of room to 'breath', and a cooling fan, or at least a vent grill, can be added if required, as can a proper filtered IEC socket and any other items needed, such as protective crowbar and under/over voltage cut-outs.

The first task was to strip out the balance charge, monitoring and alarm wiring, and install these into the 1Ah case. The same technique as before was used - widening out the original DCCU charge port, and reusing its fixing lug for one of the bolts.

With the D connector fitted, the next task was to create the hole to mount the monitor and alarm display. This is 22mm x 14mm, or theres abouts. This was good old fashioned metal bashing with a drill and files.

Below is the battery and case in its present state of construction, connected for a wiring test. The bypass plug is attached to do this.

The next step is to secure the LED display in place, add the alarm LED and the buzzers, and secure everything in place ready to add the battery itself. Once the battery is in, all spare space will be foam packed, and the temperature sensor secured to the battery. Then  the lid will be screwed back on (after re-engineering the mountings), and all will be good, except for the final job of adding the safety markings to the bottom.

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