Saturday, 24 December 2016

Clansman 24V SMPSU Build

With the filtered IEC socket installed, and the Earth Bonding Point, I mentioned the next thing to consider was what to do about the other previous cutouts in the 'front' of the case. Well, I cut them out!

I happened across a couple of small but really rather powerful fans amongst some salvaged equipment, plus a bit of old perforated aluminium sheet.

The first task was to drill a shed load of holes. No, its not an attempt at a Clansman Nipkow disk, but it does make it a damn sight easier to file the excess web out! I will give one bit of advice to anyone mental enough to decide to copy what im doing - drill out the mounting stud for the original DCCU charging plug first!

Once all the excess metal was out, I could then use a half round bastard to form the final circular cut. Or at least as near to circular as its going to get.

The vent mesh and the fan are bolted in in a sandwich. Im not happy with the bolts to be honest, as these only just have enough bite to hold the fan (and im one short!) so will replace these with self-tappers that will properly bite into the fan plastic when I can find some.

The pic above shows the fan in place. One thing to note about this, is that this is a 12V fan. But hey, this is a one off project, and im using mostly whatever I have to hand. I happen to have some 12V fans. I also happen to have some 7812 regulator ICs. So I can run the fan from one of those.

The next major problem to solve, is installing the PSU module. This is a problem, as its mounting holes will not be accessible once the PSU is in the case. So I need to find a way of bolting it in that doesnt require me to tighten it up on the inside!

A check of my other salvage found me another IEC panel socket with an earth lead attached. So now the power socket in the battery case is connected up to the Earth stud. I already have L and N cables ready.

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