Friday, 23 December 2016

Clansman 24V 1Ah Battery Rebuild - Complete

Much of the final work on the 1Ah case has been to get things secured inside, route wiring, ensure the battery is safe from any spiky bits etc. Liberal use was again made of hot melt glue and foam.

Once all the wiring was secured inside, the balance leads were connected up, the battery placed inside the case, and the balance connectors and wiring seated down in the space above the  D-connector. A sheet of cardboard covers the rivets on the side where the data plate is attached. Ive kept this plate for authenticity, even though it refers to a NiCd battery. The pack will also get a MOD record sticker at some point. The RED paint markings will identify that this is a special pack.

The screw terminals of the main power terminal block required some trial and error adjustment to get the wire form to fit effectively. Once that was secured however, the rest of the case was packed with foam, ready for the lid to go on.

Some rework was needed to the wooden batons within the lid into which the small wood-screws go to secure it, as these were far too thick for this case. But the lid is now on, and the pack tested. All that remains is to mark the bottom of the pack in red that this is a LiPo pack.

I can now use the metal 4Ah case for the SMPSU build.

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mick said...

excellent work on the battery martin,
hope you and your family have a merry christmas
and happy new year.
best regards