Thursday, 17 March 2016

Back on 2m FM

A few days ago, I stepped out into the sun in the garden, with the intention of filling the bird feeders and clearing away the ivy from my main HF feeder.

... a few minutes later I was up the ladder installing a 2m monopole!

I hadnt intended doing it, but the nice weather and it just suddenly felt right to do some antenna works. To get the monopole up on the small mast, I first had to lower the 6m Yagi by a few inches, so took the opportunity to adjust the azimuth a bit as well. With this done and the monopole installed, I went off to decide what feeder to use.

Ideally it would have been cut to length, but I really couldnt be bothered with fitting N-types that day, so I used the pre-cut length of TFC-T10 that I used with this antenna on special events. This is far, far too long, so most of it is coiled up just outside the shack. I will get around to measuring and cutting it at some point, but being 75 ohm it needs a bit more care to get an exact electrical half-wave multiple, plus its aluminium braid and copper plated steel core, not the easiest to work with!

But, it seems to be working ok.

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