Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Radio Magazine Archives

Everything looks good in hindsight, so they say. Back in the '60s, people said 'cor, wern't the 40s great!' - oh yes, doodlebugs, death, ricketts, wonderful! And now, people pine for the 'classic tunes' of yesteryear - the Ibiza tat 'duvva duvva' music of the '90s!

But one thing from the past that really was good - were the Practical Wireless magazines of the 1980s! Real articles, real projects.

Which brings me to the link below -

A collection of whole scans of many radio and electronics magazines, back over the years. A massive collection, including PW, Wireless World (back as far as 1913!!!) and many others. Hours of nostalgic reading, and were everyone looks smart and wears a tie (and in an amazing number of the earlier magazines - smokes a pipe!),

So have a read. Browse the many interesting projects that you can still build. Yearn back for the old days of Bi-Pak and Home Radio, when Maplin still sold actual components at sensible prices with staff who knew what they were selling, when a Pye Westminster would set you back 50p, and when every town had a radio shop and a components shop, and the only place to buy silly cheap toy electronic tat was Tandys, when Radio Rentals actually rented out radios, and handheld radios needed both hands to hold!

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