Saturday, 5 March 2016

Manpack fun with a big antenna

After repairing the Clansman antenna drop coax yesterday, and finding time today to finally connect my 2-way coax switch in line between the Alinco DX-70TH and the MFJ manual ATU, I decided to have a little play with the PRC-320 on a proper, big antenna for the first time,

The repaired coax connecting the -320 to the spare port on the antenna switch, meant that I could trawl the bands with the Alinco, a damn sight easier on the fingers! And then switch across to the Clansman once i'd decided where to operate.

The Clansman certainly holds its own in terms of receive! Ive not had a QSO on this setup yet, as ive just been tuning about, listening and seeing whats happening, plus, theres a big HF contest on at present, so im really not bothered about jumping into that melee!

 Ive spent quite a bit of time today though helping Sam create his first 'sketch' on Arduino. We decided to start at the simple flashing LED, but then moved on steadily until we had recreated a set of Level Crossing lights! This caused us a bit of trouble, as we couldnt at first work out how to code for a transition from the steady amber to the alternating red LEDs! But after a bit of a think and some trial and error, I worked it out, and from there we went on to include a push button to simulate a train!

I'd intended today wiring my Clansman morse key to the plug from the second handset, but ive found that I cannot remember how to disassemble these plugs! After a lot of thinking back to my early days with ntl ive managed to open the plug up, but still cannot remember how to either undo the cable clamp, or remove the pins!

I could just use the whole cable I suppose...

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