Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Waiting for the slow boat from China

Several projects have effectively ground to a halt at the moment, as Im awaiting the delivery of a number of parts, the majority of which are on the slow boat from China, or, at the very least, on the low priority air mail from Hong Kong!

One that has arrived is the 1mA panel meter, but the swift delivery of that probably has more to do with the depot its come from being in Swindon! The wait for parts has delayed my live testing of the Small Wonder Labs PSK-20, as the necessary audio cables are on the shipment from the Far East, this being because at 99p each I simply cant make them myself for that price!

Little has been done radio wise other than the sound-card mod these last couple of days, and little will be done over the next either. Yesterday I sacrificed time in the workshop for a boys day with my eldest son Sam, and enjoyed the Lego Movie in 4D followed by pizza! Today I have been 'dataminer'ed' to death, and indoctrinated into the dark arts of 'site manager' at work. Tomorrow, after another hospital appointment, I may get a bit more done on one project or another, before I have to go to work and keep the UKs wonderfully educational television working for another night. On the plus side - tomorrow night is company sponsored pizza night!

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