Monday, 10 February 2014

6m WSPR Ready

This evening I have rigged up to try WSPR on 50MHz. As usual Im set for 33dBm (2W), this time the antenna though is my rather low 3 element yagi, on a bearing of about 140 degrees (roughly SSE). This wasnt easy, as its essential to accurately set the output power, but I dont usually have a meter in line on 6m, so ive had to disconnect the HF port feed to the ATU, swap that with the 6m port, and transfer the 6m beam feeder to the unused Coax 2 port on the ATU. Im running at my usual 10% Tx cycle.

I will run a few test cycles tonight just to check alls in order, then if all is well run the beacon during the day tomorrow.

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