Friday, 21 February 2014

Small Wonder Labs PSK-20

The two 3.5mm jack leads have arrived, so I can now set up to try out the Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 14MHz PSK Transceiver. Ive waited this long to save dwindling down my meager stock of jack plugs!

Ive metered out the DC plug and socket, and all looks good there. However, Im not happy about directly connecting this little beauty to my PSU, which is capable to over 20A, so intend making a small modification tomorrow and fitting a fuseholder to the connector panel of the unit.

 So the cabinet has been dismantled to remove the panel ready for marking and drilling. Theres plenty of space to install a fuse holder on the connector panel. The 'front' panel itself is completely blank.

The SWL PSK-20 is internally a handsome bit of kit, sadly now out of production. All being well, I will have it on air tomorrow evening. I still need to give the soldering a visual inspection, just in case, as it were, although ive no cause to think there are any likely problems

Ive also ordered another DVB-T dongle, identical to the other I have on order. This is because I have an idea or two regarding doppler RDF, but might try a few other ideas out as well. If nothing else, the two mini-magmounts i'll end up with im hoping to modify to complete my TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) direction finder. This will just be a few PIN diodes and resistors.

No more from me for now. Ive been awake since 16:00 yesterday, first to do a night shift, but then I hung about and joined my colleague Dave Preston and four of the Field Support Team girls, for a visit to ITV studios and the set of the long standing soap Emmerdale

The photo above is on the set of the world famous Woolpack Inn, with myself in the role of customer. And yes, it is real beer! These sets are at ITVs Kirkstall Road studios in Leeds, where we also had a smashing dinner of fish and chips in the canteen, before visiting the 'external' sets, which comprise a custom built entire village, carefully built well away from prying eyes in the Yorkshire countryside.

So im now rather tired, and am going to bed.

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