Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Possible 50MHz WSPR operation tomorrow

Ive decided to re-jig the station for more control over my 6m activity, with the idea of potentially putting WSPR on 6m tomorrow.

The big problem with 6m is lack of antenna monitoring. (gawd im starting to talk like at work!) so I have moved the Diamond SWR bridge out of the antenna feed line from my 2m station up to the halo, and will patch this into the 6m beam feeder line tomorrow morning when im back from hospital. I will be able to accurately set the Tx power on 50MHz then, although running to test load will still be a manual patch.

This will leave the 2m antenna unmonitored and the 2m station unprotected, but its not often used at the moment, so I can always put the Bird 43 in line if needed.

Now the storms are behind us, hopefully i'll get a spot or two on 6m!

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