Wednesday, 5 February 2014

40m WSPR overnight

My 2W WSPR beacon has been running overnight on 40m. It doesnt seem to have been very successful this time, with long periods without being spotted. Just as the greyline hits the UK, a few spots from the USA have started to come in, but they are rather sparse.

What doesnt help, is that for some reason I am not being shown as hearing anyone else! I dont yet know why this might be, perhaps ive an antenna or receiver problem? But I suspect its a network problem, perhaps my set-up has got inadvertently set to not upload spots. It did crash and have to be restarted by Julie, but she sent me a screenshot that did seem to show all was in order. I'll be able to see whats amiss in a couple of hours time.

UPDATE -  I am now Hearing KC9NBV, but no one else, and no one is hearing me! Something not quite right methinks.

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