Saturday, 11 June 2016

Remote Control Project - Test Bed Radio 1st Modification

Ive found time to return to the Clansman RT-320 Remote Control project, and have started the necessary modifications to the test bed radio to allow connection of an external controller without affecting the radios structural integrity or its 'original' appearance.

The first task was to remove the external audio accessories  module. This is held in by two hard to reach bolts, and under a little aluminium cover. At least the flexi-PCBs on this are in better condition than in the RT-351!

Once this is removed, the actual mod is simple, if a little tricky. Both accessory sockets are in parallel, and the flexi from one is simply soldered on top of the other. Its just a case of desoldering, gently prizing the flexi up and off, and resoldering the remaining flexi.

What you have now is a single usable audio socket. Its worth at this stage placing the module back in the rear housing of the radio, seeing which socket is left, and marking the case! I marked the remaining socket hole as 'audio' and the other 'data', perhaps 'remote' would have been better, but remote in Clansman terminology means something quite different!

Then, after checking the manuals and making very careful note of which socket pin does what, I removed the flexi from the socket. This flexi will now be saved in my Clansman spares box!

The remaining tasks on this modification are - 1; add four quite long wires to the socket for the data connections - i'll probably use a length of ribbon cable for that, 2; add three wires for +24Vsw, Pressel (PTT), and GND, and connect these back up to the module, 3; replace, refit and test the module in the radio.

Im a bit behind on blogging at the moment due to some serious walking and some seriously nice weather! Stay tuned for an update on Daz's Theremin!

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