Saturday, 11 June 2016

1st Mod Complete

The external connection modification to the RT-320 is now complete.

A six way ribbon cable (four used, two spare) is now available to connect up the internal side of the project. Three standard connections - +24vsw (Orange), Pressel (Yellow) and Ground (Black) have been remade to the audio module

Modifying the thing was the easy part. Getting the module back in was a bitch! There is very little space in the casting where this fits, and two small bolts and washers had to go in right at the bottom to secure the module. These are stainless steel so couldnt be held with a magnet. Several dozen attempts were made, involving frequent retrieval of lost washers, before I managed to get the damn thing secured!

And finally, I marked the cover plate up with information on the mod and the connections.

Next task is a check that the radio still works with this mod in place, and that the remaining audio port operates properly.

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