Thursday, 16 June 2016

Apologies to Mike And Martin!

Ive just spent the evening in a blind panic that i'd lost the handset clip that I so much coveted and received at work today! Convinced i'd left it on the desk at work, I emailed my two colleagues who are on the night shift and asked them to look for it. They went so far as to search the bin beside my desk (which I know I left bread crusts in!)

Then, as I was replying to their email saying they couldnt find it, I suddenly realised that there was one place i'd neglected to look - inside the EKGSA satchel!

The EKGSA (Elevation Kit Ground Spike Antenna) allows the VHF Ground Spike Antenna to be mounted atop a 5.4m Racal mast. It comprises a mast adapter, a selection of three coax phasing lines, and inductor unit, 20m of coaxial feeder, and a satchel to carry it all in. It also includes a special throwing line spool with fixed plastic rings. This is used to allow the GSA to be raised up using a tree branch etc, in the absence of a mast.

At the bottom of the above photo, is the packet containing the missing handset clip! In the 'safe place' i'd forgotten about! Ive promised the lads at work that i'll be their 'brew bitch' when were next on shift together, in repayment for making them search my bin!

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