Saturday, 11 June 2016

2nd and 3rd mods complete (hopefully!) - taking a breather!

Phew! Now that proved to be a marathon soldering session!

After deciding that all the decade switch lines should have the anti-data-contention diodes, even the 10 and 1MHz switches, which will not be subject to remote control, there were twenty-six diodes to install, plus around five done early that I decided I wasnt happy with (no heatshrink) so redid.  It took several hours of careful work to install and insulate all these diodes.

The above photo was taken about half way through, and before I decided to redo those first unsleeved diodes (on the left), which are on the 10 and 1MHz switches.

Once all these were done, note was made of the two wires loom numbers (001 and 004) that connect to the 3v common line. Now, both of these have diodes fitted, but one will have to be removed, as it will be the 3v supply! At this time though I havent yet been able to work out which! Once ive found that out, which will take a bit of detective work, then the diode on that line will be removed - but the line will be diverted to the space for the microcontroller, as this line will need to be electrically cut by the controller in order to take remote control of the synthesiser.

Whilst I have the radio dismantled, all possible mods are being done, despite the risks! Modification 3 is the removal of the 2kHz offset. This is a simple wire link, but in a very awkward position on a difficult to access switch

You can just see the mod wire, the orange one, on the side of switch 1S1B. In the future, this might also be a control line taken over by the remote control system, but if it is, i'll do that at pin 2 of the synthesiser!

The next mod will be to replace the current wideband CW(W)  option with LSB. This is a much more complex set of tasks based around this switch, so will now wait until ive had something to eat, or maybe even until another day!

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