Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Racal Clansman Key

Now, I obtained this quite some time back, along with a nice McMurdo key similar. This is a miniature Morse key complete with webbing strap, to fasten it around the operators leg, and intended for use with Clansman radios.

My example came without a cable, so I needed to open it up and replace the cable and plug. To do this a rubber seal must be removed, along with the knob, which just unscrews. Once opened, a new cable can be easily fed in and connected, and the key can be adjusted.

Some toroid winding was also needed recently, this is the combined doubler/mixer transformer for the transmit stage of the WSPR beacon. It did prove a tad fiddly

More on that to follow, but for various reasons i've not got much done this week.

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