Friday, 5 July 2013

Time out

Since the last posting on here, Ive been a bit off, plus had to work, so not got anything further done on any of the projects. So why the heck am I writing a post?

Red Rose QRP festival is on sunday. Now that Sam is back off his residential visit to Hadrians Wall, he says he'll come with me. I have a small list of things to look out for. Top of the list is a small audio isolation transformer to isolate the scanner audio output from the Marconi 2955's audio input. This should sort out the problems using it on the transverter test bed. A couple of nice ali boxes for the transverter and the WSPR transceiver are also on the list, as is a discone antenna for use as a test off-air source.

All the trimmer capacitors I ordered have arrived, so ive a good basic stock now. Some even came from the Netherlands. Hopefully I can pick up some older PMR kit to strip down soon. I also need to try and off-load the Philips repeater I have, no use to me at all and taking up a load of space. Wonder if there will be a free ebay listing weekend?

Worked a couple of special events on 20m on way home from work this morning, and got compliments on my audio. You can stick your Heil prosets - my mobile headset is a converted old Plantronics office telephone headset!

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