Monday, 8 July 2013

Sweet Luck Haul

What happens when you pay £8 for the random contents of a big junk box, on the floor at a rally, all because an old medicine bottle in it has a label on that suggests theres a transistor in there, probably worth 50p, that you need?

You hit the bloody jackpot, thats what!

I havent even found the BF199 transistors yet, what I bought it all for, but the sheer quantity of unused, brand new electolytics, ceramics, polyester caps, 4mm plugs, mixed transistors and literally hundreds of bandoliered mixed resistors, means my parts tubs are stocked up on basics for a long, long time to come!

Theres also quite a few vintage resistors and capacitors, a few ICs, some high voltage ceramic disk caps, and a brand new old stock 470kHz IF transformer, including paperwork. Well worth the £8. And I might claw a bit of that back from the vintage bits and bobs. Really wish i'd offered a tenner for this and the box underneath now! A good proportion of the resistors are also the very tiny body ones I think from Philips, which are good for miniature QRP circuits. The big bandolier on the top right of the picture is a mixed run of resistors, links, axial inductors, obviously from an automated production run for something.

I should have given that other fella £2 for that box Sam was rummaging. The 15MHz glass package crystal was nice, but the large number of new, boxed record player styli might have earnt me a good wadge.

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