Thursday, 1 August 2013

By Heck, Its All Gone Quiet!

Its been a while since I posted on here, mostly this is due to having gone on holiday. So, not much has progressed. Both the 10m WSPR transceiver and the 4m Transverter are still in progress, but not sufficiently further to report on.

The one big, and annoying, change is that my FT-857D has gone deaf. Tested yesterday and all across HF and 6m is down at -85dBm ish. Ive already got a kit of spare PIN diodes, which im led to believe are the most likely suspects, and I now have a printed and bound copy of the Technical Suppliment, aka Service Manual. This needs repairing pronto as not only is it my mobile rig, it is also due to be the 2nd HF station at the show in under a month.

Also needed for the show is the 2nd HF antenna, in this case a Cobweb. Construction is yet to begin on this. Construction is also due to start on a horizontal antenna for 4m. Ive found that the very thin end section of the fishing poles that will form the spreaders of the cobweb, although no use in that antenna, are perfect to make a little Moxon for 4m!

Ive also finally got around to a solution for 2m FM and for general listening - a new Discone antenna that hopefully will arrive shortly. This will probably be loft mounted, so will be a little down on an outside rooftop location. When its in place i'll run the analyzer across it and report on here if it really does live up to the claims of the manufacturer!

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