Wednesday, 24 October 2012


The Ferranti U1032 is now repaired and restored, its not probably working 100%, but its good enough to sit on the shelf as my workshop wireless, merrily playing away radio 2 or 4 depending what mood im in.

The photos below show some of the condition after repair

On the 20th, Sam and I went to the G-QRP club convention at Rishworth school. Armed with a wad of cash, and a list of wanted items as long as my arm, we set out searching the stalls. A donation of books to the children in need bring and buy a book stall, resulted in a donation of a book to Sam! Other stalls were equally generous and Sam aquired a number of free items! Sam in fact did better than me, as I never found a single item from my list! The resulting score - Sam 3, dad 0. Total items bought (not including pie and pies) - two battery holders and a colour burst crystal. I never even needed the crystal, but it was housed in a glass valve body, so i just had to have it. Two of Sams donated items were also crystals - one in a normal shaped glass holder, and one in wartime package.

Sams crystals are not on amateur frequencies, but I plan on using mine in a nice little one valve CW transmitter.

Sams donated book was a very old guide to building a morse practice set, including plans to make your own mechanical buzzer, naturally this is the part Sam wants to build.

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