Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pop a cap in yer... er, cap

The spares have arrived from CPC. Once again, CPC have shown how ridiculous their handling charge is, by sending a handful of capacitors in a 5l box! Heres the box

And heres the contents
Why the heck they didnt just stick them in a jiffy bag i dont know! But hey, its not like its cost them extra to do it this way, since ive paid the full shipping cost of 4.9l of air!

Anyway, on a less bitter note, I do now have the caps needed for the restoration (save for the 22uF 16v, which amazingly were out of stock!). Sadly, the size of the 47uF 400v electrolytics is such that only two will fit in the original can.

The cabinet however cleaned up very nicely, heres how it looked before 
And heres how it looks inside and out now
The first job is the big can capacitor that can be seen at the top of the chassis photo, you can also see some of the Hunts waxies and the TCC oil electolytics that will also be replaced with shiny new modern aluminium and polyester devices
I dont expect much more to be required, but we will see when this is done and the set is powered up (with its nice new modern jacketed mains lead).

This coming saturday is the G-QRP club Rishworth convention, hopefully many more interesting parts will be found there. I have in mind to build a Rockmite...

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