Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ferranti Restoration

Its been a while since ive updated this blog, but apart from growing older and probably uglier, not much has changed. I operate more mobile HF now, and with the help of Steve G7TAO and Rob M1BBV, we recently ran GB1LDS at the Doncaster Show. Thanks also go to Geoff at FDSprint for creating the QSL cards, which are currently in print and should be with me to send out in the next working day or two

One project I have on the go at the moment though, will be getting documented on here. I have recently aquired a late vintage valve table radio, a Ferranti U1032. This doesnt look to need much work, but a few capacitors need changing, and it needs a good clean up. The capacitors are on order, from CPC. I dont normally like using CPC/Farnell or RS, due to their extortionate 'handling' charges for small orders, but they stock the high voltage ratings needed, where my normal suppliers dont. So the caps have proved to be quite expensive but I will then have a few spares.

I'll start getting photos of the radio on here soon.

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